Output format

You can use the output to customize the result of the request. We support the following output formats: JSON, JSONP and XML.
Depending on your plan, you can switch between them by feeding the output parameter with either jsonp or xml.
Note that JSON is the default response so no need to provide the output param for it.


In addition to the output parameter, you have to pass a callback parameter. The callback parameter is a function name that will be called after the response is sent. The function will receive the response as an argument. E.g:



Simply set the output parameter to xml and you will get the response in XML format. E.g:


API Key Security

In order to protect against the theft of API keys, we have decided to implement a whitelist of domains, subdomains or IPs. With this feature you can define a list of domains, subdomains or IPs that will be allowed to use the API. To access the service, go to dashboard > IpLookup > Settings > Whitelist. or click here

Note: Keep in mind that, once your whitelist is created, your api will only be accessible from hosts you have specified!. You can still change later.

API Key Security